In a world in which few are happy with their job and specialisation is a rare thing, High-Tech offers exceptional expertise in processing plastic materials and making technological products and sub-assemblies. Backed up by a sound corporate structure that has made long-term investments and fostered skills profitable for all group members, Hi-Tech benefits from many years of experience and is located in one of the most interesting central European economic hubs. All this makes High-Tech a sound choice for any company looking for a trustworthy partner to design and make technical parts in plastic or in materials that behave like polymers and can be technologically processed in a similar way.

High-Tech’s mission is to:

Help you make your ideas take shape, transform resources into projects, experience into solutions, obstacles into opportunities and goals into results.

We pursue our corporate mission by continuously researching into technologies and materials, by being highly specialised and offering flexible moulding techniques while assisting customers during the product industrialisation and design stages.


We want to be able to say: We Know How ……for a long time to come. We at High-Tech have built our business on a single principle i.e. we want to be your choice in this specific, specialised field and become your ideal, long-term partner. We have precisely what you need to meet your every demand: years of experience in serving customers and partnerships with suppliers all over the world.

Although we work in many market sectors, our engineering skills have been particularly significant and best acknowledged in mixed circumstances, especially in technologically complex fields. This has lead us to work with high-standing international players with whom we have established sound business relations as suppliers.


Programma Operativo Regionale

(POR) FESR 2014-2020

“Investimenti a favore della crescita e dell’occupazione”


Progetto in corso di realizzazione:
Investimento tecnologico per l’ampliamento della capacità produttiva
Investimento € 371.143,00 | Finanziamento (POR) FESR € 148.457,20

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Il progetto d’investimento consiste nell’acquisto di macchinari ed impianti nonché del software di collegamento per la messa in opera dei due nuove linee di produzione.



L’obiettivo dell’iniziativa è la dotazione della tecnologia  di tipo Industria 4.0 al fine di automatizzare il processo di stampaggio ad iniezione, ampliando nel contempo la capacità produttiva.



Messa in funzione di macchine ed impianti acquistati con la conseguente completa automazione dello stabilimento in ottica Industria 4.0.